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Citizens for Trump is proud to announce our endorsement of, Antonio Sabato Jr. for U.S. Congress in California’s 26th Congressional District.

Antonio Sabato Jr. has been a staunch and unapologetic supporter of President Donald J. Trump, and is the clear choice for U.S. Congress in this race. Antonio is a fellow patriot who loves our nation and will faithfully serve the great people of California with honor and conviction.

Antonio is fully committed to supporting President Trump’s “America First” agenda and we are confident that he will do the same as the next U.S. Congressman from California.

From all of us here at Citizens for Trump, we’re excited and honored to announce our official endorsement of  Antonio Sabato’s bid for U.S. congress and are fully committed to supporting his campaign.

May God bless and guide Antonio, and may God bless America!

Tim Selaty Sr.
Citizens for Trump, Executive Director
#MakeCaliforniaGreatAgain #VoteForAntonio

Join us for a live town hall Q&A with Antonio tonight 3-1-18 @9pm CST on our Facebook page.

Citizens for Trump endorses Antonio Sabato Jr

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Antonio’s Story

Antonio immigrated to California in 1985 seeking a better life with his mother and sister.  In 1996, after completing all the necessary steps, he became a United States citizen – a moment he calls “the proudest moment of my life.”

As a young man, Antonio went on to establish a successful career as a model and actor, starring in numerous successful television shows and movies, as well as serving as the face of household names like Calvin Klein.

Over the years, Antonio would grace the cover of magazines and ad campaigns around the world.  In the height of his early acting and modeling career Antonio was named as one of People’s Sexiest Men Alive and starred in Mark Wahlberg’s smash hit, The Big Hit.

To date, Antonio remains actively engaged with his career in the entertainment industry and has expanded his business resume to include successful ventures as a producer, author, restaurateur, spokesman and even as a licensed, professional race car driver.

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Antonio’s campaign pledge

“No matter what political party controls the White House or Congress, my constituents can count on me to represent what is best for them, their families and their businesses.

I am not a career politician and have stood on my own two feet ever since arriving in this country with nothing. The day I became an American citizen was one of the proudest days of my life and I am running for Congress so that I can give back to the country that has given me so many opportunities.

I would be honored to receive your vote and your trust and pledge to never let you down.”

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