Funny how the Olympic athletes who managed not to insult and offend us by their loudmouth anti-Trump grandstanding before the games seem to be the only ones who either win big medals or else win our hearts anyway. Who wasn’t delighted by Chloe Kim with her snowboarding virtuosity along with her delightful, vibrant, bubbly, teenager personality? Who wasn’t impressed by the wonderful Shaun White who showed us again his power on a snowboard? His contrite apology for accidentally dragging the U.S. flag in his moment of personal triumph showed that he always thinks of the other guy first. No wonder we all still love the Flying Tomato.

There was the impressive Mirai Nagasu who performed the skating triple-axel for the first time in an Olympic event. Then there was skater Nathan Chen who had a very bad Olympic beginning yet managed to rally with his almost-inhuman quadruple jumps last night. People aren’t supposed to be able to do that. But well, he did. Even without a medal, he’s someone we want to watch and root for in the future, because we love his upcoming success story. We know it’s going to happen.

Then there were the bad sports, the attention-seekers, and worst of all, the anti-Trump loudmouths, who insulted us all with their anti-Trump remarks before they have even competed to show us what they could do in the 2018 Olympics.

Starting with Lindsey Vonn, the much-vaunted skier, who washed out on the Triple-G, her signature ski event, after insulting us all pre-game by stating she would refuse to go to the White House for the traditional post-game honoring by the president. “Absolutely not,” she sniffed.

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