WASHINGTON, December 24, 2017:  Not quite a year since taking the oath of office, President Trump has unsettled the international community by announcing he will keep his election promise and move America’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to the holy city of Jerusalem.

Let us recall that five months before the 2016 presidential election in the pages of POLITICO magazine, Ian Bremmer asked what the election of Donald Trump as president might mean for U.S. foreign policy :

“Might President Trump send U.S. ground troops after ISIL [ISIS]? Confront Vladimir Putin, or let him run loose? Sanction Mexico or Japan? Bomb China’s artificial islands in the South China Sea? Wage trade war on China? Attack Iran or North Korea? Would he tear up existing trade deals? Pull the U.S. out of NATO if allies don’t pay more? Use U.S. debt as negotiating leverage? What risks might any or all of these actions pose for Americans?”

Such predictions have since proved far-fetched indeed. President Trump had a different card to play.

An anti-Israeli hive of scum and villany

The U.S. decision, one promised for years by politicians running for president but never fulfilled, was carried out by a president known for his brazen lack of concern for the tender feelings of others, whether it be the cranky Rosie O’Donnell or the anti-Semitic New World Order convened at United Nations headquarters on the shores of New York City’s Turtle Bay.

And so, last Thursday, in a 128 to 9 vote, the UN General Assembly voted to condemn, in a non-binding resolution (is there any other kind of UN resolution?), the United States for its Jerusalem embassy decision. CONTINUE READING…


Written by Stephen Z. Nemo – via commdiginews.com

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