Christmas at the White House has always been a cherished, time-honored tradition.

The White House gets new Christmas decorations every year to reflect a theme typically chosen by the First Lady. The theme also is a reflection of the administration who is occupying the office. Typically, the first lady has a major hand in decorating process. Thousands of visitors tour the White House around the holidays, so the themes and decorations become a reflection of not just the administration, but the current mood of the country. There were many who were eager to see what downtown New Yorker Christmas-time sensibilities the Trumps would bring to 1600 Penn.

And Melania Trump did not disappoint.

While previous administrations certainly added their own tinsel to the White House around Christmastime, Melania’s decorations were universally hailed as a triumph to the glory of Christmas for all times. Hence the chosen theme for this year: “Time-Honored Traditions.”

The decorations seek to pay respect to the hundreds of years of White House Christmas celebrations. Just look at them and your Christmas will be made great again.

Courtesy Benny Johnson

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