Citizens for Trump proudly endorses Paul Spain for U.S. Congress in Florida

Citizens for Trump endorses Paul Spain for US Congress


Citizens for Trump is proud to endorse Paul Spain for U.S. Congress in Florida’s District 22. Paul is loyal supporter of President Trump’s and has proven to be a great man of principle and integrity.

Citizens for Trump recognizes Paul Spain for his conservative values, tireless commitment to protect our Constitution, our History and our Freedom.

We’re honored to support Paul and believe he’s the best choice to represent Florida in the U.S. Congress. Paul Spain is a candidate who brings common sense solutions to the table and truly believes in the America First agenda.
Paul is a fellow patriot who loves our nation and will faithfully serve the great people of Florida with dignity, fervor and conviction.

We strongly urge all of our fellow Florida Trump supporters in the district to vote for Paul Spain! 

May God bless and guide, Mr. Paul Spain and all of our fellow citizens all across America!

Tim Selaty Sr.

Citizens for Trump, Executive Director

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Citizens for Trump - Paul Spain endorsement

Some of the reason we are endorsing Paul Spain for U.S. Congress

Paul’s Experience:

  • Fortune 500 asset management professional
  • Extensive experience with energy and information technology service firms
  • A successful, result driven innovator who knows how to balance budgets, prioritize people and get the job done.

Paul Spain will:

  • Restore Constitutional Authority and States Rights to American society
  • Promote economic growth to help create new jobs
  • Implement tax reform that is simple, fair and responsible
  • Protect our seniors from abusive government policies
  • Secure our borders and transportation corridors

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Paul Spain is a Congressional Candidate for the new Florida Congressional District 22 – Primarily Broward County, City of Boca Raton, FL and in Palm Beach County). Paul is married to his lovely wife Christine Spain and a proud father of two children. Paul is a graduate with a BS in Business from the Virginia Commonwealth University. Paul became a highly-respected financial advisor to individuals and businesses by enabling them to assess, plan, manage, and implement financial, investment, retirement, and estate planning solutions. Paul is currently the President of the 2nd Amendment Coalition of Florida.

President Trump needs someone with experience in Healthcare, Tax and Immigration Reform, and someone that knows how to create jobs and get things done in the Community and in Washington, D.C. Paul Spain is that person!

For over 25 years Paul has helped Seniors with Retirement and Healthcare, helped Individuals and Businesses navigate the Tax Code, worked in the Computer Services Industry to help businesses such as shipping, trucking, railroad, and automotive firms…along with the hotel/motel industry to develop and implement world class customer service systems. He also has experience in the Oil and Gas Industry (a Priority for President Trump) and has even worked for the Federal Government. Paul understands State and Local Governments, having assisted both for over 10 years to deliver timely and cost effective services to communities and taxpayers. Finally, Paul will always put the interests of Working Class American Families First, because he has been there as a former Member of two Trade Unions!


PAIL SPAIN has the REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE, DRIVE, AND PASSION needed to succeed in Washington!

Paul is also exactly the type of person President Trump has been looking for to help implement the NEW AMERICAN AGENDA…he knows the Private Sector and he knows how to motivate Government Agencies to help create jobs and deliver services within budget!

Finally, Paul understands how to bring people together (regardless of Political Party) and he knows HOW TO GET THINGS DONE FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE IN BROWARD AND PALM BEACH COUNTIES…and our GREAT AMERICAN NATION! It’s time for our CONGRESS to stop Kicking the Bucket Down the Road…America has spoken… Donald Trump is President and it’s TIME TO GO TO WORK!

In conclusion, let’s send PAUL SPAIN to Congress and ELECT someone that will work with ALL Americans, regardless of Party, to solve problems and create new opportunities for Americans, not obstruct and divide the people of this Country!

Washington is broken and the nation DEMANDS NEW LEADERSHIP!

I urge all my fellow Floridians to support, Paul Spain as your next Representative in Florida’s Congressional District 22!
Thank you in advance for all your prayers and support.

Kathleen Flaherty
Citizens for Trump, National Director

Some of Paul’s other endorsements:

Having served in our Armed Forces for over 32 years I understand what it means to serve something greater than yourself. I understand the character one needs to willingly lay down their lives for their friends – the dedicated long hours of selfless service to accomplish difficult missions for the betterment of mankind. Paul Spain has precisely that character and leaves no doubt in my mind that any mission he is given on behalf of his constituents will be accomplished with dedication and honor. We need Paul Spain in our Congress now. We will be a better country for it.
– Major General William M. Boice


Without a doubt, Paul Spain is the most qualified person to represent the District in years. As a father and a business professional, Paul has the right experience to accomplish the job. Paul exemplifies political honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness in his political discussions. Paul will use those qualities to create a better balance between the needs of the district and Washington D.C. We need Paul. Paul needs you. It is for these reasons I endorse Paul Spain.

Office of Secretary of the Air Force
International Affairs
U.S. Department of Defense
Policy & Weapons Directorate
– Quin Nii

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