• The Trump administration just unveiled eight prototypes for the US-Mexico border wall.
  • Six companies were commissioned to create four concrete prototypes, and four prototypes made of “other materials.”
  • After the concrete finishes setting in 30 days, CBP will begin the testing and evaluations phase.
  • President Donald Trump has said he plans to inspect the prototypes himself and choose the one he likes best.

Customs and Border Protection unveiled eight prototypes on Thursday for President Donald Trump’s long-promised wall along the 1,900-mile US-Mexico border.

Workers have spent the last month constructing prototypes designed to deter illegal entry of immigrants and drugs. CBP selected six companies to build the eight prototypes, which are meant to “inform future design standards” for the wall.

Ron Vitiello, CBP’s acting deputy commissioner, told reporters at a press conference that it will take 30 more days for the prototypes’ concrete to finish setting, and then the agency will begin testing and evaluating them, and eventually submit a request for a finalized design.

Among the characteristics the prototypes are being evaluated for are to prevent breaching, climbing, and digging, as well as ensure the safety of CBP officers, Vitiello said.

Shortly after taking office, Trump issued an executive order demanding that the Homeland Security Secretary “take steps to immediately plan, design and construct a physical wall along the southern border, using appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve complete operational control of the southern border.”

Although Trump’s plans for a border wall have been beset by a number of obstacles — including the Senate’s refusal to greenlight a $1.6 billion down payment, wavering estimates on the total cost, and a lawsuit from California — his administration has moved ahead with the prototypes.

Here’s what they look like so far:

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Courtesy Michelle Mark @BusinessInsider.com

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