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Citizens for Trump endorses Arizona’s unapologetic pro-Trump candidate, Republican Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate.

Dr. Ward is Arizona’s clear Pro-Trump choice for the U.S. Senate. Kelli was an early staunch supporter of Donald Trump for President.

Dr. Ward is fully committed to supporting President Trump’s “America First” agenda and we are confident that she will do the same as the next U.S. Senator from Arizona.

From all of us here at Citizens for Trump, we’re excited and honored to announce our official endorsement of Dr. Kelli Ward’s candidacy to become the next U.S. Senator from Arizona and are committed to supporting her campaign.

May God bless and guide Dr. Ward and may God bless America!

Tim Selaty Sr., Citizens for Trump Executive Director
#CitizensForTrump #AmericaFirstMovement

Citizens for Trump Spokesperson, Jan Morgan live video endorsement of Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate in Arizona.


Here are a few reasons why Citizens for Trump proudly endorses Dr. Kelli Ward.

  • She is a life-long Republican, faithful conservative.
  • Kelli is a caring and compassionate physician.
  • Dr. Ward was a former AZ State Senator
  • She is an unequivocal advocate for President Donald Trump’s mission to Make Arizona and America Great Again!

A Message from Kelli

As a doctor, former State Senator, and conservative activist, I share your frustration with the bloated DC government that has become ineffective and, in many cases, outright corrupt. I’m proud to have fought shoulder to shoulder with limited government advocates across the country to battle the progressive Democrats’ dangerous big government agenda. And I’ve fought against GOP Establishment hacks who incorrectly believe the solution to problems created by big government is more government.

I know that I can do more to advance the ideas of freedom and liberty so eloquently described in our founding documents, which is why I’ve decided to run for the United States Senate against Jeff Flake.

Senator Flake has failed to deliver during his decades in DC – he is simply too weak to fight for Arizona. Over the course of this campaign, we will show the stark difference between our philosophies and our track records. A glaring example of our differences is that while millions of us fought to stop Hillary Clinton and elect President Trump in 2016, Senator Flake supported the Clinton crime family by being a vocal member of NeverTrump and casting his ballot for Evan McMullin.

In 2016, I challenged Senator John McCain because I knew that he would be a problem for President Trump’s agenda – and he has been. It was the first time I ran for statewide office and ultimately our campaign came up short which has proven to be embarrassing for Arizona and dangerous for our country and the world. We learned many lessons in that campaign against Senator McCain and this time, we are building a campaign that will win.

I’m not interested in going to Washington, DC, to be “just another Senator.” I’m going into the swamp to drain it , to shine a light on the murky darkness that is our political system. I’m going to transform a broken institution by bringing common sense and a ‘lead by example’ philosophy to the Senate. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of career politicians who lack the courage to fight and who sit on the sidelines while we run trillion dollar deficits – expanding a broken government that doesn’t work for us. On day one, I’ll relentlessly champion the best policies of my friends in the conservative, Tea Party, and liberty movements.

I cannot win this campaign or transform the Senate alone. I need your help. I feel the anguish of fighting to elect people who become typical political hacks when they get to DC. When you help me get to the Senate, I promise that I won’t let you down once I’m there.


Citizens for Trump urges all AZ Trump supporters to vote for Republican Dr. Kelli Ward in the Arizona U.S. Senate primary on August 28, 2018. We MUST unseat never-Trumper, Jeff Flake and send a strong message to Washington, D.C. – “All you D.C. swamp creatures better start looking for another home now because we’re pulling the plug and draining the swamp – all of it!”

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