Citizens for Trump proudly endorses Dr. Randy Brinson for U.S. Senate in Alabama

Citizens for Trump endorses Randy Breson for U.S. Senate

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Citizens for Trump endorses Alabama’s unapologetic pro-Trump candidate, Republican Dr. Randy Brinson for U.S. Senate.

Dr. Randy Brinson is Alabama’s clear Pro-Trump choice for the U.S. Senate. Randy was an early staunch supporter of Donald Trump for President. Dr. Brinson is fully committed to supporting President Trump’s “America First” agenda and we are confident that he will do the same as the next U.S. Senator from Alabama.

From all of us here at Citizens for Trump, we’re excited and honored to announce our official endorsement of Dr. Randy Brinson’s candidacy to become U.S. Senator from Alabama and are committed to supporting his campaign.

May God bless and guide Dr. Brinson and may God bless America!

Tim Selaty Sr., Citizens for Trump Executive Director

Alabama faces a critical choice August 15, in choosing a new U.S. Senator to preserve the legacy of the Honorable Jeff Sessions.  Citizens for Trump proudly endorses Dr. Randy Brinson for many reasons.  He is a life-long Republican, faithful Christian, family man, business entrepreneur, dedicated conservative, and unequivocal advocate for President Donald Trump’s mission to Make America Great Again!

Dr. Brinson is a gastroenterologist and self-made man from Montgomery, Alabama who offers a unique combination of talent, training and life-long dedication to principles of freedom and individual responsibility.  Raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Dr. Brinson graduated from Valdosta State College and earned his medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia. The U.S. Air Force veteran and his lovely wife, Pamela are blessed with 3 sons and 1 granddaughter

Randy is currently the President of the Christian Coalition of Alabama (CCA) which promotes Christian principles in public policy.  He belongs to the Taylor Road Baptist Church where he serves as a lay minister.  He founded Redeem the Vote an organization launched a successful campaign to inspire Christian youth to get out the vote.

Randy volunteered early on in Ronald Reagan’s presidential campaign and more recently served in 2008 as a Senior Advisor with, Governor Mike Huckabee’s Presidential campaign. Dr. Brinson spread the word about Gov. Huckabee’s principled faithful Christian role model through a dedicated coalition army of thousands across the nation and the compelling voice of his Christian Radio Network.  Dr. Brinson’s political consulting firm Optimum Impact also managed and advised another 150 political campaigns.

Randy is also a savvy businessman and tradesman, skilled in matters of health care, free enterprise, trade, and education. Randy formed Pan American Marketing Group, LLC that promotes Alabama products overseas and enhances the state economy through trade and exports. He has made deals with heads of state from Honduras Columbia, Peru, Zambia, South Africa and Malawi.  Randy is truly a Renaissance man, who commands the skills and perspective to boost trade, create more jobs and business investment opportunities in Alabama. His skill in negotiating deals sets him apart from all others when it comes to expanding fair and profitable trade opportunities with foreign markets.

Citizens for Trump stands shoulder to shoulder with Dr. Randy Brinson, the principled conservative, faithful Christian and unwavering ally of President Donald J. Trump.  We need a Senator who knows Christ, who knows critical issues like health care and trade, who knows business, who knows that President Donald Trump offers the last best hope to save America from decline, dysfunction, and desolation.  The President has said it himself.  The fate of Western Civilization itself is in our hands.  Will you choose the path of cynical self-serving career politicians?  Or will you choose a man of faith who will help our President drain the swamp and make America Great Again?

It’s up to you.  Vote for Dr. Randy Brinson  August 15!  Send a message to Washington, D. C. that a new era has dawned for Alabama, and the United States of America. #AlabamaFirst #AmericaFirst

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