Helping a Big Trump Supporter, our Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor of Florida, Mr. Bruce Nathan

I need every one of my 4600 Trump Supporters to help my friend and huge Trump Supporter, Gubernatorial Candidate for Governor of Florida, Mr. Bruce Nathan, to win the upcoming election.
Bruce Nathan stands for:
*Tax Reform – Abolish the IRS
*Florida Health Care Act
*Education Reform 101
*Road to Environmentally clean state
*Veteran’s Health Care Run by State
*Human Trafficking ENDS in this State
*Monsanto/Dow/DuPont seeds no longer allowed here
*Department Children Family Services FIRED!
*Family Law Reform Act
and most of all..
He is a Veteran himself and served this country Honorably and loves our President.
I am counting on you, guys. All of you!!
Please help us!!! We need YOU right now !! We need funding do go against the Establishment.
I am now a Floridian. Our State is one of the most beautiful in the Nation; however, we DESPERATELY need a non-establishment Candidate for Governor that will put Floridians “First” and not “pay” his way into the seat of Governor. That candidate is Bruce Nathan for Governor. Please help by making a generous $25 pledge to Bruce Nathan for Governor. Your support is greatly appreciated. Together, we will make #FloridiansFirst again.
Simply click the quick link below:
lso visit for more info or inbox me with any questions.
Listen to the Radio Interview of Bruce Nathan on
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Jennifer Eady

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