Trump Warsaw Speech to Focus on Poland’s National Example

President Donald Trump leaves for Europe Wednesday morning ahead of the Group of 20 summit in Hamburg Friday and Saturday. But instead of starting off with meetings with the leaders of traditional allies of the United Kingdom, France, and Germany, the president will first travel to our NATO ally Poland.

Trump’s visit has been embraced by the ruling Law and Justice party, Poland’s conservative populist party whose leaders have promised the American president the chance to deliver a public speech in Warsaw Thursday. The speech, still being finalized, is being written by top speechwriter Stephen Miller and two additional writers on Miller’s team. One source tells me Tony Dolan, the former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, is advising the White House on both the trip and the speech.

I’m told Trump’s address in Warsaw will be an “uplifting speech” that will focus on Poland’s history of perseverance and its national identity. There will be a contrast, with some degree of subtlety, between the Polish example and what Trump perceives as a globalist outlook embraced by leaders in Western Europe.

After conducting official meetings with the leaders of Poland and Croatia in Warsaw Thursday, Trump will travel to Hamburg, where he will have a bilateral meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel.

On Friday, Trump will also hold a much anticipated bilateral meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, the first personal meeting between the two leaders. Across Friday and Saturday at the G20, Trump will also have bilateral meetings with the leaders of the United Kingdom, France, China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, and Indonesia.

Among those from the administration joining President Trump on his European trip are Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, and direction of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn.

No White House Statement, but U.S. Government Responds to North Korea

As they have in past launches and attempts, the Trump White House will not release an official public statement on the latest missile launch from the North Korean regime, which occurred early Tuesday morning and traveled nearly 600 miles before landing in the Sea of Japan. The Pentagon has confirmed the projectile was an intercontinental ballistic missile, indicating the Kim regime in Pyongyang continues to advance its weapons program toward a goal of a long-range nuclear capability.

On Twitter, Trump himself said: “North Korea has just launched another missile. Does this guy have anything better to do with his life? Hard to believe that South Korea….. ….and Japan will put up with this much longer. Perhaps China will put a heavy move on North Korea and end this nonsense once and for all!”

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