Donald is doing Great things for America!!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a personal story involving Donald to share.
However, I don’t mind sharing my personal views about Donald.

I like Donald, very much. He has had so many fighters against him,
other Republicans, Democrats, media, Hollywood, rich scoundrels plots,etc, etc,…
This is the reason of so much crap against him, these very groups and
associations are in bed financially and don’t want that disturbed.
The same is true for countries abroad,,, accepting US money for so long
now Donald is on to them. He is a warrior for us Americans, LET HIM FIGHT
and WIN against the historical financial chains that have plagued our US
economy and brave soldiers. Why should we fight their wars, with our blood,
and our money. We are already hugely indebted. Donald is doing a fantastic
job and I wish to compliment him despite the crap that is constantly spewed.
Good JOB Donald, we the people are with you.

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