Another Example of Black Animus

April 12, 2017

Many blacks are quick to attack those such as myself

I continue to address the depth of anger and antipathy harbored in the inner being of the majority of blacks.  It is directed specifically at whites and any blacks who dare not to embrace their malevolent spirit.  Those who are more honest show this behavior openly for all to see.  But others of them are more surreptitious in their contempt, except when it comes to expressing it to Americans who are black.

Following is a perfect example.  I received a tweet Tuesday in reference to something I had tweeted Monday evening.  The exact tweet escapes me and I am unable to retrieve it because it was deleted when I blocked the person I’m about to reference.  That said, I’m confident it was in reference to my calling for the repeal of obamacare.

A black woman whose Twitter account is: M.P. DeVille @Cajunwealth and claims to be “Mother, author, #entrepreneur & digital marketer. #Cookbook & #brandcreator. Igniting my life! contact –” tweeted me saying I was “cooning.”

This person offered no intelligent debate.  She, as with most of her, called me the derogatory name.  That was all she had to offer.  No discussion pursuant to facts and reasons why obamacare must be repealed, she simply engaged in a boorish ad hominem attack.

My response to her was:  “Do you people ever have anything intelligent to say or is puerile name calling it for your kind?  Maybe we should tell your clients. ” Her response back was to dive right into victim mode as she claimed “my kind” were always willing to go after the business of her kind.

Going after her business and the businesses of those like her is not a wrongful thing.  It is part of the great unmasking that we should use to ultimately effect positive change. How you ask?  The answer is by shining the light of truth exposing the deep-seated hatred so many liberal brain-dead blacks secretly harbor.

Reasonable people have this idea that if they treat all people the same and all with respect that this will break down the walls of division.  The problem is, that only works on one side.  Most people, I speak specifically of white people, are clueless to the depth of contempt many blacks harbor against them.

Many blacks are quick to attack those such as myself by saying that white people talk about us as soon as my/our backs are turned.  The truth is that it is blacks who speak ill of white people in every conceivable setting from the dinner table to the church to the barbershop, ad nauseum.

Years ago I debated Congressman John Lewis, D-GA, pursuant to this very point.  We were both guests on an Atlanta talk program.  Unable to advance his argument, Lewis tried to argue that I was treated differently because of my status as a national figure.  I responded by saying that I do not wear my celebrity, as it were, on my sleeve.  Most days I look like a Florida beach bum with a good cigar.

My point is this.  It is not whites who are insulting and going out of their way to disenfranchise blacks.  Blacks do that to themselves by rejecting modernity and harboring evil thoughts and feelings towards whites and those blacks who refuse to be intellectual slaves on their liberal plantations.

Blacks like DeVille are possessed by hate and rancor.   Which is why I am willing to let her clients who may be white know her true feelings.  It is beyond disingenuous to hate people based on skin color while pretending the opposite, in order to take their money.

If DeVille and her kind are willing to attack me for no reason, then I am willing to expose her and her kind to their areas of social interaction.  Let those where they work, eat, go to school, etc. know what these people really think of them.

Many were exposed when Obama was elected. Many blacks attacked whites who thought they were friends because the white person didn’t support Obama.  Jesse Jackson opined that a black person wasn’t really black if they didn’t support Obama.

If we are to have an honest dialogue then we must be truthful and the truth is that the majority of blacks harbor unfounded deep-seated animus towards whites based upon skin color alone.  And yet it is whites who are called racists and Americans such as myself who are called Uncle Tom.

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