Introducing The United States Citizens Healthcare Act

Written by: Kevin Poeling

Eligibility is limited to Every US Citizen. Any person who is residing here illegally and or is a non-US citizen or working here on a permit or visa will not be eligible nor will the United States Government be responsible or hold open any funds to pay for non-citizens health care coverage.

While Healthcare makes up 20% of the United States Economy, Americans must know that Healthcare is not an entitlement or a right of any one person. This is why there will be an available opt-out policy that will be respected and honored by our Government for those who choose not to have Healthcare.

It is important to note that while an available opt-out is available for Citizens of The United States, The United States will enforce strict penalties for anyone who is deemed able to afford health insurance yet decides to opt out and abuses the system.

The Insured
There is one rate for every eligible individual at a universal .0025% rate of each individual’s previous years total income to be paid bi-weekly for standard healthcare services, any eligible person who elects to have full dental benefits will pay an increase in premium of .0005% rate to equal .0030% as a total! While there will be no individual mandate, tax, or penalty imposed unto the Insured, there will be 10 separate “built-in” contributions equalling .00005% for each individual contribution.

These contributions will be for the following causes and cannot be changed unless a change is made by congress.
1) Disease Control Services
2) Cancer Research for Prevention and Awareness
3) Alzheimer’s Research
4) Autism Research for Prevention and Awareness
5) Diabetes Research
6) Mental Health Awareness and Research
7) Women’s Pre-Natal Health Care
8) Vaccination Research for Safety Awareness
9) Advanced Research dealing with Allergies
10)American Adoption Services and Development

Here’s an example of how it works:
Individuals previous year Annual Income: $120,000
Take $120,000 and multiply it by .0025%= $300
Multiply this $300 by 26 to equal: $7,800.00
This number represents your annual Premium and includes your Individual annual deductible.
If you elect to receive full dental benefits you will only need to increase the premium by .0005% using the same equation above.
Example: $120,000 x .0030 = $360
Multiply this $360 by 26 to equal: $9,360.00
Again this number represents your annual Premium and includes your individual deductible.
All co-pays will be limited to Prescriptions only as office co-pays will now be included in every individual’s healthcare premiums. Each co-pay for Prescription medication will be paid at a rate of
.0025% of the Prescriptions initial cost!
This example will be a Universal coding for any and every single individual Citizen who elects to opt into coverage.
* Effective immediately, this Health Care act will completely eliminate any and all Government funds or taxpayer contributions to Abortion under any and all circumstances.
* All eligible U.S. Active Duty and Veterans of the United States Military will be eligible for a .50% reduction of these premiums.
* How deductibles are paid: Each individual will have contributed 7.5% of the total calendar year premium paid at the end of the year to a built-in health savings plan which will serve as the individual’s calendar year deductible.

This is my rough draft of the United States Citizens Healthcare Act.

– Kevin Poeling

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