America’s 2016 Declaration Of Independence

The left’s HATRED of Donald Trump has gone beyond ‘art form’ and has progressed into a sick competition to win approval from fellow Trump haters and the liberal news media/entertainment industry that have invented the new sport of Trump HATE. It’s quite obvious that the object of that HATE is to chastise the Donald and anyone who dared to act like a FREE AMERICAN.

Just as I had diagrammed it in my last article, Trump HATE is gaining momentum with each morning’s freshly disparaging headlines and talk shows. If you haven’t read it, you should. “The Stepford Americans” (Canada Free Press). It clearly illustrates how liberal news media and entertainment have for decades been progressively shaping the attitudes of their consumer audiences in priming them for whoever will buy their mesmerized allegiance. And now, as a result, our President is the TARGET of the most dangerous group of EXTREMISTS on earth: our liberal press, television/entertainment. And through their actions and ‘journalism’, who can deny that they have issued what is tantamount to a deadly fatwa on our president.

Donald Trump would not be allowed to win

Altruist, hacking genius and true prophet, Julian Assange, called it perfectly in his pre-election prognostication when he said that Donald Trump would not be allowed to win. And that was a true prediction. He was not allowed to win. He fought the powers of hell in EARNING his victory. The last thing that network tv giants and liberal Hollywood expected was what happened in spite of their best efforts to control the nation they truly believed they owned. In Trump’s win, big money media’s foundations have been severely shaken. And even political correctness, the social ‘conscience’ they built to conveniently supplant true godliness, has been significantly weakened as well.

Working Americans – the nose-to-the-grindstone, beat-up taxpayers who have been underwriting Obama’s father’s dreams – finally had had enough. And they went and did what ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, et al. never dreamed of: They put their foot down and shouted a resounding “HELL, NO!” And America’s 2016 declaration of independence overpowered the plurality of snowflakes that the giant media moguls were convinced would be enough to push Hillary into office. Truly, the reason so much of America is now so ULTRA anti-Trump and throwing a fit like history has never seen is because their programmers, the media giants, are furious after having their noses rubbed in the reality of their impotence.

But, thank God, just as the framers had prayerfully designed, the Constitution gave the determined informed voter the power to knock down racketeer politicians empowered by a digital age they knew nothing about in 1776. And now the message is freely ringing out again, that independent thinking and the American dream are still alive and well and available to all Americans who want to pursue their own happiness.

The bottom line is that President Trump, unlike Hillary and others, wasn’t given the answers along the way – and he STILL won. He’s a self-made man who has DEMONSTRATED the SPIRIT of AMERICA in ACTION. He is beholden to no one except God, his own dear family and now the people who elected him. He has embarrassed the Madison Avenue execs who were holding all of Hillary’s markers and fully expecting, as part of that agreement, to move their studios into the White House after the big victory they’d promised to deliver. Trump has humiliated the media moguls to the point that their deepest-pocketed sponsors might become less willing to pay a quarter million dollars per second for airtime. These ‘miracle workers’ had assured the DNC, OPEC and every American viewer that it would be a Clinton White House. And it didn’t happen.

What most infuriates big media/press, etc., is that President Trump is quite obviously not afraid of them

Therefore an arrogant Donald Trump and anyone siding with him must now be crucified in order to appear to reclaim that lost ground. And, wielding the hammer of ridicule, they are airing every insult they can generate in order to re-instill the trembling respect they once enjoyed. I think what most infuriates big media/press, etc., is that President Trump is quite obviously not afraid of them. And his fearlessness is effectively leading a charge that must be stopped. As I had stressed in my previous article: “When someone like a fog-busting Trump comes along, you’ve got to get the camera off of him. And because you can’t do that now that he is president, you’ve got to take him out entirely. Because if he wakes too many people up, big-money in league with the very real devil – who have worked so hard to gain all this control over America and the world – are suddenly out of business.” And that vendetta is personal, because it is all about business.

After a very rough month President Donald J. Trump deserves our appreciation and our prayers. He, his family, and his followers are now the target of the largest and most concerted negative advertising campaign ever launched. It’s going to make what Richard Nixon and Sarah Palin went through look like cakewalks. At 70 years of age, multibillionaire Trump has more than earned a restful retirement. Instead, he has chosen to take on the most noble and crucial undertaking of his entire life – fighting to salvage the hope of a battered and strip-mined America. And he is doing that for a dollar a year. The liberal left, in league with a real devil, HATES true hope and freedom. And as the battle is heating up, its plain to see our adversaries have no intention of allowing our president an inch of ground apart from a fight.

The past few days it’s been good to see Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump renewing their own friendship as well as strengthening our existing alliance. It’s been refreshing, seeing those two men smile so often and so genuinely. It’s a far cry from the dreary evening, two years ago, when our worst black president shamed America by snubbing Netanyahu’s gracious presence in our House of Representatives.

Nevertheless, Bibi’s visit could not have happened at a better time. While neither of the two are strangers to conflict, our fine president is new to politics, and will doubtless find much encouragement from the Prime Minister who has, WITH DIPLOMACY, defended his charge against a generally hateful world most all his life. But now both men can walk a little taller and with a bit more confidence, knowing that they are no longer alone in championing the cause of truth.

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