Mt Airy Diner Employee That Accosted Trump Supporter Patron – The Cowardly Den of Liberalism

The news and Citizens for Trump is exposing a cowardly den of liberal lies. Mt. Airy Philadelphia is full of some of the most obnoxious and sanctimonious rich liberals you can possibly imagine. They do nothing but spend their liberal university salaries or trust funds on Prius cars, organic food and locally sustainable blah blah blah and from that feel they are literally the best and most caring people on the Earth, superior to everyone, especially the working class.

They claim to be a “diverse community,” yet this really means, “those who think the same way we do.” The hypocrisy doesn’t end there. Many of these liberals, many who are white, send their kids to twenty to thirty thousand dollar private schools while the local public schools languish and are attended by, no surprise, lower income African American and a very few lower income white children. This is liberalism at its most hollow, insufferable, elitist and hypocritical. This is what took the Democratic party from at one time, so long ago, representing minorities and working people to the current incarnation of the double speak Orwellian sham we know today that is catering to the lazy money sucking hypocritical liberal elite.

The good news is this. They are such unbelievable sniveling cowards. They can speak ill of normal working people with elitist contempt all day long, but when confronted with their hypocrisy and the victory of our great new President Trump, they are literally quaking in fear. Remember, these are people who howl in cowardly pain when a “microaggression” or other politically correct nonsense against any of their views, no matter how minor, seem likes the worst crime against humanity. You saw clear evidence of this when an employee of a Philadelphia diner (with crappy food and service I might add) felt she was perfectly within her liberal rights to accost a PAYING customer of the place where she worked with her political views! Instead of instantly firing this employee for such incredible disrespect and rudeness of a paying customer (and ending this once and for all) the cowardly owner takes the liberal approach in “having a conversation” with the employee and “seeing both sides” of things. That is the liberal world. The world without consequence for actions. The world where anyone with a liberal point of view can attack anyone, even a customer, with their sanctimonious drivel. Had it been a Hillary supporter accosted by a Trump supporting waitress, we all know what would have happened.

Citizens for Trump is right to swarm these liberal cowards with simple words pointing out their hypocrisy, because to such spoiled, isolated, coddled brats, simple words not of their liking are like daggers to their closed little minds resulting in screams of cowardly pain. The proof is this. Their social media is treating tweets, TWEETS!, as if they were being assaulted with sticks and stones, dragged into the street and forced to bow to Trump. The hysteria is laughable and pathetic and points to a group of people who can certainly dish it out, but act like a spoiled whiny four year old when trying to take it back. Quake in fear liberal cowards, for more words are to come!

Just realize that even in a place like this with the most obnoxious self serving liberal cowards, there are plenty of us who work for a living and take responsibility for our own actions and deeds. Praise to our glorious new President! May he rest control of our great nation from these evil hypocritical cowards and deliver it to the true Americans, the ones who work hard and take responsibility for their actions.

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