DONALD TRUMP: America’s Last Stand and Only Hope

Some Christians may take offense to the inference that Donald Trump is America’s last stand and only hope. If so, they misunderstand the significance of what is being stated in the title. Every person and every nation’s ultimate only hope is God, and a return to righteousness (2 Chronicles 7:14). However, God has overseen the rise of nations, including America, and has allowed them to fall; either by allowing them to decline from within or by destroying them by His own hand (Daniel 4:17). America is in danger of falling from within.

Donald Trump has exposed the majority of the mainstream media as nothing more than puppet hacks working for their puppet masters. Far-left wing interests own the mainstream media, and own many of the politicians in both parties, who they sponsor and get elected to office, then control. Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that politicians, particularly GOPe RINO republicans, are “all talk, no action.

Why are politicians all talk and no action? Why are the GOPe RINO republicans more afraid of a Trump presidency than a Clinton one? Why haven’t they tried to stop Obama from ramming his leftist agenda and policies down the throats of the American people?

The reasons are complex, and one would have to know the mindset of the lobbyists, special interests, and far-left greedy politician-controlling billionaires behind the scenes. They do not care about middle-class America. They care about absolute control, power, and wealth accumulation through using America.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are not interested in low-cost healthcare. They want to keep rates jacked up high, as they currently are under Obamacare, and raise them even higher if they can. They don’t want to cure people of ailments and diseases, but would rather create more sickness to generate more customers and more profits.

Trump wants to abolish Obamacare, modernize and streamline the healthcare industry, and create healthcare competition across state lines to lower costs.


Military industrial and munitions manufacturers are suppliers for America’s unending wars. America is no longer interested in winning wars, but instead containing and managing them.

Trump wants to bomb ISIS to no-functionality and win these wars already.

Various industries across the board have no interest in seeing America’s borders secured or having America build a wall on the Mexican border. They want cheap labor and they don’t care how they get it.

Trump wants to build a great border wall on the American-Mexican border and place a temporary ban on Muslims entering the country.

The media has recently blamed Donald Trump for the Black Lives Matter anarchist rioting in Chicago and for other violent disruptors that interrupt his privately paid for event rallies. Trump didn’t create Black Lives Matter; Black Lives Matter is the fruit and the offspring of the Obama administration, who has done everything he can to divide America. Trump’s right to assembly to meet with his supporters at his rallies and his right to free speech at these events are being violated.

Trumps wants to see Black Lives Matter anarchists and other disruptors at his rallies lawfully arrested and prosecuted.

There are some who have stated, “Anybody but Trump!,” and have asked, “What if Trump becomes president?” They are stating and asking the wrong question.

The right statement is, “Who else but Trump?” The right question is, “What if Trump doesn’t become president?”

Are Black Lives Matter thugs going to be dictating American domestic policy going forward? Is America going to continue with a third of its population unemployed and receiving government assistance until bankruptcy looms? Is America going to continue to drive up the costs of healthcare, so employers can never hire people? Is America ever going to win and end a war again? Is America ever going to be great again?

Never before has the establishment had so much control over America and never before have they been so obsessed with maintaining it. Never before have so many people spoke openly in favor of the assassination of a presidential frontrunner.

Donald Trump is America’s last stand and only hope. If he fails, no one with his wealth, resources, integrity, strength of character, and love of country will run for the presidency again. America will not return to greatness, will continue on its course of un-sustainability, and on its downward slide towards third-world status. Americans will have lost their Constitutional republic and they will be continually spoon fed the same business as usual, “all talk, no action,” establishment-chosen politicians until the demise of America becomes inevitable.

Source: GEORGE

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