Remember that time in one of those GOP debates when there was a bathroom break and Carly Fiorina didn’t get back before the debate resumed? Keeping everyone waiting because she refused to use a public ladies room when there was another woman in one of the other stalls?

Of course you don’t remember this. Why? Because it wouldn’t enter Carly Fiorina’s head to behave in this kind of arrogant manner.

This morning I appeared on CNN’s New Day to discuss Donald Trump’s attack on Hillary for her bathroom behavior. He was receiving some criticism for going after her on this — and afterwards, but of course, the Hillary apologists at Media Matters were scandalized at my response, as seen here.

Talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, a moderator of CNN GOP debates, is the author of a Hillary bio aptly titled The Queen and nothing captured Hillary’s “the rules don’t apply to me” attitude better than the simple basics of that bathroom break.

Ms. Fiorina is having a difficult time in the latest set of polls. But something she never has trouble with is the kind of arrogant behavior on display in that Democratic debate. Once again, Hillary illustrates exactly why she doesn’t have the temperament to be reigning from the Oval Office.


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