Trump: Obama ‘greatest divider I’ve ever seen’


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said in an interview Wednesday night that President Obama is “a stupid person” for his decision to make public his plans to send U.S. forces to northern Syria. Trump also called the president the “greatest divider” he had ever seen.

“Our country has never been more divided than what Barack Obama has done. I would’ve thought that he would have been a great healer… I didn’t think he was going to be a great president, but I thought he was going to be a great cheerleader. He’s a horrible cheerleader,” Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon during a 45-minute interview.

The billionaire has been criticized since he launched his campaign for his sharp stances on illegal immigration and most recently, for pledging to implement a “total and complete” ban on accepting Muslim foreigners after terrorist attacks by American Muslim immigrants. Yet Trump said one of his “biggest strengths” is bringing people together. He promised he would be a “healer” if elected to the Oval Office, claiming that even his policy positions have brought people together.

Although the business mogul has been the GOP front-runner since June and signed an agreement that he would not make a third-party run, Trump said that all depends upon how the Republican establishment treats him over the next few months.

“If they don’t treat me with a certain amount of decorum and respect, if they don’t treat me as the front-runner… if the playing field is not level, then certainly all options are open,” said Trump, who is currently ranked second in the Washington Examiner’s power rankings.

Trump said he will make a decision on whether to run as a Republican or Independent candidate depending on how the primaries go.


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