About Citizens for Trump

“Citizens for Trump” was formed by Patriotic American Citizens with the goal in mind to organize a massive grassroots volunteer army to assist the Trump for President campaign in both winning the nomination for the GOP, and the general election in November of 2016.

Members from Tea Party, 912, 2nd Amendment coalitions, anti- common core groups, Christian conservative groups, and many other conservative organizations joined with us and greatly contributed to getting Mr. Trump elected as President.

The reason for this overwhelming response is largely the same reasons the New York real-estate mogul is climbing so rapidly in the polls. “America is sick of politicians lying and mismanaging our nation’s finances,” said the organization’s spokesperson.

The sad truth is; there seems to be a precious little difference today in the generic Republican and Democrat. We are rapidly approaching a point of no return with our debt and at that point, none of the other issues we are facing are going to matter when we declare bankruptcy as a nation.

It is past time that America had someone as president who knows economics, knows how to restructure our economy and bring our jobs back from Mexico and China. We desperately need a president that does not owe special interest groups, lobbyist or will fall prey to the corruption in Washington.

We believe Donald J. Trump is the person who will make America Great Again economically, and militarily. We’re honored to have helped him to win the Presidency. And we’re very proud to call him, President Trump.

We will continue our mission to support, President Trump in accomplishing his bold agenda to Make America Great Again.

We will also actively endorse and support vetted candidates seeking office who are vocal supporters of President Trump and his America First platform.

CFT Core Team

Tim Selaty Sr. – Executive Director
Michelle Selaty – Website Administrator, Senior Editor
Kathleen Flaherty  National Operations Director, Volunteer Coordinator
Jan Morgan – National Spokesperson
Michael McCalister – National Spokesperson
Wayne Dupree – National Spokesperson
Vic Baker – Chief Political Strategist
Kate Beecham – Research Director
Robbin Smith – Social Media Director
Don Smith – Public Relations Liaison
Cathy Finley – Florida State Operations Director
Lori Bruffy – Texas State Director
Vanessa Treft – Ohio & Michigan State Director
Marco Gutierrez – Hispanic Outreach Director
Mike Michaels – National Tea Party Director
Maryann Pistilli – Central Florida Field Director
Kelley White Seward – North Florida Field Director
Barb Phillips – Ohio Assistant State Director
Alysha Johnson – Ohio Southwest Regional Director

Thank you for taking the time to read our about page.

CFT Staff